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MMITARI, new choreographic creation, is a feminine labyrinthine journey, on the thread of generations, which I crosse in a moult of skins. The scent of my Sicilian origins is recovered through layers of voices and dialects, songs with Mediterranean tones and a music that manifestes to an ancestral and profound rite, and accompanies a dance close to a sacred search, the one of a totemic femininity.



HASARD 4, I'm very excited to be part of the conception and production of the 4th edition of the festival, that happened in Fribourg, 7-12 of March 2023, with a strong engagement in encounter, dialogue and new visions around art and reality perception and valorisation of cultural and artistic participation.

The festival is available on the web, watch now and remember to support.


FLOWA TRAINING is back. After 9 month +1 of pregnancy and "relevailles" I'm back to my visceral intuitive and transformative practice and ready to share. 

CHECK THE NEXT rendez-vous

Meet me and the piece for young audience TU JOUES? at Festival Prêt à Jouer, 1st-4th of June Fribourg. I will be performing a new version reworked in collaboration with Viola Poggiali and Felix Bachmann Quadros



I was born in Freiburg in 1982, in Switzerland. I have Sicilian, Greek, German and northern Italian origins. I met my husband Felix in 2010 in Lugano; he is Uruguayan, he grew up in Buenos Aires and then in New York and London. Between one engagement and the other I was returning to my parents, with whom I had moved to Ticino in 1992. I had worked as a dancer in Italy, then in France and then in 2010 and 2011 I went to Israel. That's where I met Gaga and the work of Ohad Naharin. 

For the last 9 years I have been working with my husband, a writer, director and actor. I am a choreographer, dance teacher, performer. Nine months after meeting him we had a daughter, after a year another one, 5 years later a little boy, and we are waiting for the 4th one right now. Having kids didn't take away the taste for our work.


We moved to the lower town of Fribourg in 2016, and with some friends we founded an association for the mobility of creativity. Freiburg is a curious place. We thought it could be a suitable place for an association like Xocolat. Now we live between Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland, and Fribourg.

For a long time I thought that dance was a language or even a feat. Today I see it more as a ritual: an act that opens channels and transforms. Dance insinuates itself at an imperceptible, elusive level and engraves itself in deep places.

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