Born in Fribourg on June 5, 1982, I grew up in Ticino, studied dance at the Scuola Professionale Italiana Danza in Milan, at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris and in Tel Aviv, under the guidance of Ohad Naharin in the discovery of Gaga language. I currently live in Fribourg in Switzerland with my three children and my partner of life and work Felix Bachmann Quadros. 

I conduct an ongoing choreographic research I’ve started in 2007, through theatrical and site specific creations, relating dance to text narrative experiences and more recently to new media (virtual reality). 

I am interested in the matter of the body, its density, the spaces between different textures, their relationship and how information circulates through the bodies and the artwork. I love theatre and performance and sharing my experience through teaching and collaborations.

Since 2017 I'm deeply involved in fostering Xocolat's dynamic:


Here, you will be able to have a look of the development of my work during more than a decade, through films, videos and photos. 

Photo: Claire Berbey